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2023 Trends in Transportation

Posted on Friday March 10, 2023 by admin

The technological environment is rapidly evolving for those involved in the transportation industry ~ manufacturers, distributors and logistics companies. Recognizing trends and taking action in order to incorporate these measures into business practices is practically required in order to maintain … Continue reading

What does it Take to Keep a Northern Port Running Optimally in the Winter?

Posted on Wednesday December 7, 2022 by admin

The Port of Chicago has been hailed the “greatest intermodal facility in North America ” by the publication, Freight Waves. In the early 1800’s, the Chicago “port” was a series of wharfs and piers serving manufacturing, trade and industry. By … Continue reading

The Challenges Facing Equipment Depots

Posted on Tuesday October 4, 2022 by admin

With all the talk about supply chain issues and port congestion, unless you’re in the transportation industry, you may not have given a lot of thought to intermodal equipment depots. These are the facilities and the people who work to … Continue reading

Chassis Leasing and Chassis Equipment Availability

Posted on Tuesday August 2, 2022 by April U

When will Shortages in the Supply of Transportation Equipment Ease and Chassis Leasing become more Readily Available? Recent actions by the Federal Government include raising interest rates to curb inflation and the signing of the Ocean Shipping Reform Act in … Continue reading

The Impact of Hurricanes on the Logistics & Transportation Industry

Posted on Wednesday May 25, 2022 by April U

Labor Day through the new year is the busiest season for the transportation industry due to extra loads being shipped for the holiday season, fall harvest, and the rise of online direct-to-consumer sales.  It also happens to be hurricane season, … Continue reading

Some Common Elements of a Typical Chassis Inspection

Posted on Thursday May 5, 2022 by April U

Chassis inspections are currently in the spotlight as the American Trucking Association (ATA) alleges that some West Coast port chassis inspections are being illegally performed under the ratified ILWU/PMA contract. Since, by Federal law, chassis are required to be “roadable” … Continue reading

Recruiting Minorities and Women in the Transportation Industry

Posted on Wednesday February 23, 2022 by April U

When diversity and inclusion are a part of a company’s core values, it propels the company forward and helps the workforce, customers, and community thrive in a positive cycle that benefits all parties. The transportation industry has largely been dominated … Continue reading

The Transportation Equipment Outlook for 2022

Posted on Tuesday December 7, 2021 by April U

What trends are Shaping Transportation Equipment Availability for 2022? The economists have spoken. The US economy is heating up, people who stayed home and accumulated savings during the pandemic, now want to spend their cash. Consumer spending has mostly focused … Continue reading

Triaxle Drop Frame with Extendable Slider “a.k.a. A Slider Triaxle”

Posted on Tuesday September 21, 2021 by April U

Drop frame chassis, also called tank container chassis, or ISO tank chassis are the most common chassis model for the transportation and storage of bulk liquids. Use drop frame chassis in combination with tank containers to transport and store hazardous … Continue reading

Recent Model-Year Equipment Supports Manufacturers’ Efforts to Attract and Retain Drivers

Posted on Wednesday August 4, 2021 by April U

Transportation and logistics companies are taking aggressive steps to solve the current truck driver shortage in the United States. Offering better equipment, like the recent model year drop frame chassis is one strategy to attract a new generation of truck … Continue reading

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