The Advantage of Chassis Leasing in the Savannah, Georgia Area

Summary: Savannah, Georgia’s south central location is widely regarded as one of the most highly connected shipping and intermodal freight transport cities in the USA. Here’s why Penn Intermodal Leasing, a widely used and respected special purpose chassis leasing company, keeps a variety of triaxles, spreadaxles, 20’-40’ combos and drop frame chassis available for long-term lease in and near Savannah, GA[1].

World-class seaports, the world’s busiest airport, and an extensive railway and interstate highway network make Savannah the perfect city for local, national, and international shipping.  You see, Savannah, with it’s south central location and southern charm, isn’t just another pretty face. It’s a hardworking industrial town that is making a significant long-term investment in its economic future.

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Some facts about Savannah, Georgia’s Commerce:

  • Direct-to-Rail shipping. Savannah is a connected city, not only to roads and deepwater ports, but it also has nation-wide rail and highway access. Savannah has two Class-1 rail providers and averages as many as 18 in- and out-bound trains each week.
  • Savannah has direct access to four major, deepwater ports. Savannah, Brunswick, Bainbridge, and Columbus ports are advanced, modern, and spacious.
  • Tight integration with the Georgia Ports Authority (GPA). The GPA is an organization that works with Georgia’s port cities, and the companies located there, to help to maintain Georgia’s competitiveness with national and international shipping. Georgia in general, and Savannah specifically, continually work together to modernize and maintain shipping infrastructure in order to provide support for business growth and not just meeting today’s needs, but also tomorrow’s.

Recent GPA upgrades which help shippers get their cargo moving more efficiently and quickly than at other USA ports include:

  • New crane equipment, now totaling 27 modern cargo loaders, and
  • A $72-million roadway update.
  • A CSX Transportation partnership to improve local rail networks and rail terminals.
  • A Federally approved GPA harbor expansion project which will increase the harbor’s depth to 47 feet to enable shippers with more efficient, higher capacity shipping vessels.

All of the above translates to increased cargo throughput and decreased wait times.

  • The GPA also has a team of 30 logistics professionals that coordinate all traffic to and from the railway facilities.

Chassis leasing companies provide a useful service to freight transport, logistics and shipping companies – they store a variety of chassis types for lease so that their customers can focus on the business of delivering freight long distances safely, legally and on time. Penn Intermodal Leasing, “Penn”, experienced in working with both local and national trucking, transport and 3PL companies, has the experience to keep your freight moving, by leasing affordable chassis from key locations throughout the country that match your needs.

For a current listing of special purpose chassis available from Penn Intermodal Leasing, contact us or give us a call today at 1-888-909-PENN.


[1] Disclaimer – Subject to availability. Penn chassis are constantly on the move and not all models may be available at all times.


April Uhlenburg
April U

April has been working with Penn Intermodal’s Sales and Operations teams to educate clients on the benefits of leasing chassis for bulk liquid storage and transport since 2012.