What is a Drop Frame Tank Chassis?

ISO tank chassis (also called drop frame chassis or tank chassis) are heavy-duty equipment used for the intermodal transportation and storage of tank containers which haul bulk liquids, gasses, and sometimes powders. Drop Frame Tank chassis offer the flexibility to transport tank containers to locations that are inaccessible by rail. Tank container chassis are designed for bulk liquid loads that are prone to shifting during transport. They have a lower deck height than box container chassis in order to lower the center of gravity which improves stability and reduces the chance of a roll-over.

ISO Tank Chassis Increase Revenue and Reduce Driver Downtime

One avoided road call covers the cost of a few months’ rent.

Penn Intermodal Leasing, LLC’s drop frame tank chassis fleet is one of the largest and youngest fleets of tank container chassis available for lease in the United States. Chassis frames and parts are manufactured to be durable, yet lightweight and optimized for freight weight distribution in order to haul fully loaded tank containers.  

Properly maintained and recent model-year drop frame tank chassis reduce the likelihood of an unexpected breakdown. The result is less downtime. Your freight gets delivered faster and driver productivity increases since they cover more miles with fewer disruptions.

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Drop Frame Chassis / ISO Tank Chassis

Penn Intermodal Leasing, LLC has been leasing quality ISO tank chassis for over 30-years. Clients come to us when they need expertise for transporting unique products with special handling requirements. Our in-house expertise and experience puts you immediately in touch with the technical expert best able to provide you with  a chassis to get your freight moving. We take a collaborative approach to expertly provide tank chassis solutions. Experienced industry professionals will work with you, the manufacturer, and vendors to provide the optimal transportation equipment for your freight.

Drop Frame Tank Chassis — Lightweight, Heavy Duty

When you lease a durable, lightweight, heavy-duty ISO tank chassis from Penn Intermodal Leasing, LLC you lease a cutting-edge chassis on the leading edge of safety.

Drop frame chassis enable the safe, stable transportation of bulk liquid tank containers. ISO tank chassis are available in axle configurations which include: spread axle, closed tandem, and tri-axle configuration. Hi-Lo models are also available for moving one (1) full or two (2) empty ISO tank containers.

Modern, lightweight drop frame tank chassis from Penn Intermodal Leasing, LLC are used for hauling ISO tank containers and come equipped with all required safety features. Select units also may have popular features to facilitate loading, unloading, and maintenance. Depending on the chassis unit available, these features may include a full-frame walkway with exits on the side and in the rear, and a rear step. In addition, lift-kits are included on most chassis to elevate the rear of the tank during loading and unloading in order to maximize the emptying of the tank container.

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