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Company Profile

About Penn Intermodal Leasing, LLC

In 1988, Penn Intermodal Leasing, LLC., was a newcomer in the chassis leasing business leasing chassis to steamship carriers and intermodal transporters.  Very quickly the company’s founder realized that there was a need for chassis specially designed to move overweight loads.  The standard chassis were soon retired, and Penn Intermodal invested in a focused fleet of specialized chassis to move overweight and liquid bulk freight.

Penn grew with the intermodal industry by pioneering the specialized chassis business and by providing exceptional customer service, building individual and personal relationships with customers a few chassis at a time.

In the beginning, industry compliance with respect to overweight shipments was minimal.  Penn Leasing, an intermodal equipment provider assisted with educating the intermodal industry on the engineering, safety considerations, and the additional revenue to be earned from shipping heavy containers.  Compliant shipments of overweight freight gradually increased as a result of growing awareness of the economic value of adhering to safety standards and the reduced operating costs of utilizing specialized chassis.  Penn continues to support innovation within the intermodal industry and regularly offer to educate customers on new developments in special purpose chassis and the benefits of legally compliant shipping of overweight freight.

Penn Intermodal Leasing Lightens the Load of Leasing Special Purpose Chassis

There are many different types of freight, and there are many different types of people involved with moving freight to its final destination safely, legally and efficiently.  Our clients range from individual truck drivers, regional and nationwide trucking companies, 3rd Party Logistics Providers (3PLs) and international manufacturing conglomerates.

Our clients have diverse priorities, but they all share the desire to minimize the obstacles to getting their freight on the road.

How Penn Intermodal Leasing can help you

Industry Expertise

Penn stays on top of evolving intermodal trends and new technological developments.  We have the experience to put these into practice and reduce shipping costs.  Penn’s customers receive information on new opportunities resulting from developments in chassis engineering and in the transportation and logistics business.  Penn, by offering the largest and youngest specialized chassis fleet in the country, delivers to our customers not only chassis, but also a competitive advantage.

Experience is the best teacher.  There are not many companies with a quarter century of experience in special purpose chassis.  Our customers have moved all types of freight and depend on us for our chassis knowledge and industry contacts.  So when you need answers quickly, Penn Intermodal Leasing is the company to call.

Professional Relationships

Penn Intermodal Leasing, an experienced intermodal equipment provider, is focused on building mutually beneficial relationships with customers, some of which have been on-going for nearly a quarter century.  In addition, we have nearly a 100% retention rate.  Our customers, once they experience how easy it is to lease from Penn, secure their next chassis from Penn Intermodal Leasing.

Whether you are moving bulk liquid freight regularly, just occasionally, or if it’s your first time with an unusual load or a new product, Penn Intermodal Leasing, a leading intermodal equipment provider, will guide you to the right chassis for your freight and streamline the leasing process. But it doesn’t end there.  We will assist you throughout the term of your lease, and be ready with the right chassis when and where you need it.

In addition, we treat our vendors and manufacturers the same as our customers.  This also goes for everyone else we work with.  This means that when a unique issue arises we can obtain a resolution quickly, working directly with the manufacturer or vendor to get your freight on the road faster.  Our 25-year history of successful relationships is a testament to the way we do business.

We have steadily grown our fleet over time, consistently improving the chassis available in order to respond to the changing needs of our customers.

Personal Service

Every employee at Penn Leasing is a knowledgeable professional who will work with you to meet your business needs.  No one is too small or too large to talk to.

Contact one of our sales professionals today and find out how quickly your special purpose chassis leasing questions are answered!

Case Study

When an international chemical and specialty materials manufacturer requested a regional trucker to move overweight plate glass cargo from Wichita Falls to Houston, TX the trucker contacted Penn Intermodal Leasing to identify the appropriate chassis for this specialized load.  Penn’s CEO personally flew to the factory and walked the floor in order to assess the cargo and understand the freight and the way it was loaded.  Penn in turn provided the appropriate solution: a superslider triaxle chassis that readily handled the overweight load.

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