ISO Tank Container Chassis

Our ISO tank chassis models feature drop frame designs for unparalleled stability. Trust Penn Intermodal Leasing for ISO tank chassis equipment.

Drop Frame ISO Tank Chassis Models

Spread Axle
Drop Frame Chassis

Tank Container Chassis

The Spread Axle Drop Frame Chassis (a.k.a. the tandem wide-spread axle chassis) is one of the most popular liquid bulk hauling chassis on the market. This axle configuration provides additional hauling capacity over the closed tandem chassis, without the added weight of a third axle. A spread axle chassis evenly distributes the load weight of the cargo  providing a lower center of gravity for bulk liquids during transport. 

Tri-Axle Drop Frame Chassis
with Extendable Slider

Extendable Triaxle blank tank KHP_2928a sm

The Tri-axle Drop Frame Chassis with Extendable Slider (a.k.a. “The Tri-axle Slider Chassis”) provides the same stability for heavy liquid bulk hauling as the standard tri-axle model. This chassis with the slider extended operates at a length of 41-feet. However, with the slider in the closed position, the chassis length is 31-feet requiring less space for parking and ease of storage.

Hi-Lo Drop Frame Chassis

Tank Container Chassis

The Hi-Lo Drop Frame Tank Chassis is a drop frame chassis model that is capable of moving two (2) empty or one (1) loaded ISO Tank Container. This optimizes return trips where ISO tank containers are returned empty after delivering a full tank container.

Closed-Tandem Drop Frames

Tank Container Chassis

Closed-tandem Drop Frame Chassis have a lower center of gravity than dry box container chassis in order to provide stability for transporting liquid bulk freight. Closed tandem chassis are accepted on nearly all roadways and work well for local driving and in-plant storage.

Tri-Axle Drop Frame Chassis

Tri Axle Drop Frame Chassis

Tri-axle Drop Frame Chassis transport the heaviest liquid bulk cargo allowed by permit through the addition of a third axle. Tri-axle chassis accommodate heavier loads by distributing the weight over the additional axle, the load-bearing frame, and the tires.

The benefits of hauling heavy payloads must be weighed against the weight of the additional axle during route planning to maintain compliance with bridge laws.

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Why Lease ISO Tank Chassis from Penn?

Selecting the right drop frame ISO tank chassis is a key component to servicing your customers, delivering your product safely, and keeping your drivers on the road. Penn Intermodal Leasing, LLC’s tank container chassis are manufactured in accordance with industry standards and with proven design and safety features. Penn tank chassis are road-ready and come with OEM tires- never recaps, which are safer and reduce expensive and time-consuming blowouts. Penn also has rigorous quality standards and all tank chassis (except direct from the factory models) are inspected by accredited surveyors prior to lease.

The size and diversity of our fleet of bulk liquid chassis means we will have the chassis you need when you need them at a location near you. Our depot locations are centrally located.

We maintain excellent relationships with our vendors and manufacturers so that you can get quality service and technical support.

ISO Tank Chassis

ISO tank chassis are chassis designed specifically to transport intermodal ISO tank containers used for shipping bulk liquids. These durable drop frame chassis provide stability for ISO tank containers during transportation. Certain models may include walkways, lift-kits or other safety features for the safe and efficient movement of bulk liquids. ISO tank chassis are manufactured in compliance with regulatory requirements making them suitable for most types of liquid transport.

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