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Tank Container Chassis

What is a Tank Container Chassis?
Tank containers are transported on tank container chassis (also called drop frame chassis) and are used for the transport and storage of bulk liquids in tank containers or Flexi-bags. Most are designed for intermodal transport with some models used for short hauls (close tandems) and in-plant storage. Special design features make these tank container chassis particularly useful for loads that are prone to shifting during transport, such as bulk liquids.

A tank container chassis is longer than a standard intermodal dry chassis and has a lower deck height, which gives the equipment and it’s load a lower center of gravity, improving stability and reducing the likelihood of a roll-over.

A New ISO Tank Chassis Increases Revenue and Reduces Driver Downtime

One avoided road call covers the cost of a few months’ rent.

Penn Intermodal Leasing LLC maintains an inventory of the largest and youngest rental fleet of tank container chassis in the country. Younger equipment is manufactured with stronger materials that are lightweight and optimized for freight weight distribution in order to haul larger, heavier loads safely and legally.

It also stands to reason that newer a tank chassis has fewer breakdowns and results in less downtime. Your freight gets delivered faster, and driver productivity increases since they cover more miles with fewer interruptions. You’ll spend less time rescuing stranded drivers and freight.

Tank Container Chassis Leasing from Penn 

Penn Intermodal Leasing LLC’s tank container chassis have proven designs and are all equipped with OEM tires, which significantly reduce expensive and time-consuming breakdowns and blowouts. Recap tires are never used. Penn also has rigorous quality standards and all tank chassis (except direct from the factory models) are inspected by accredited surveyors prior to lease.

The size and diversity of our inventory of bulk liquid chassis mean we will have the chassis you need when you need it, and at a location near you. See our Locations Map.

We maintain excellent relationships with our vendors and manufacturers so that you can get quality service and seasoned technical support.

Selecting the right tank chassis is a key component to servicing your customer, delivering your product safely, keeping your driver’s happy, and maximizing profits.


Tank Container Chassis-ISO Drop Frame Tank Chassis- Penn Intermodal Leasing

Drop Frame ISO Tank Chassis

Light-weight drop frame chassis provide safe, stable transport of bulk liquid tank containers. This ISO tank chassis are available in spread-axle, closed tandem, Hi/lo and tri-axle configuration. Learn more about Penn’s drop frame tank chassis.


Custom Tank Chassis Design

For over 25 years, Penn Intermodal Leasing LLC has been helping customers transport freight that requires special handling. We will collaborate with you and the manufacturer to design a tank chassis that has the appropriate material handling and safety modifications to enable you to safely and efficiently transport your bulk liquid products. Learn more about Penn’s collaboration on customer specifications for custom chassis tank chassis.

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All weights are approximate. Permits may be required.