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Chassis Leasing

Available Axle Configurations

Spread Axle

Drop Frame Chassis
Tri Axle Drop Frame Chassis


Drop Frame Chassis
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Drop Frame Chassis
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Drop Frame Chassis

Reasons Customers Turn to Penn for Chassis Leasing:

Equipment availability to accommodate growth periods.
Flexible lease terms minimize the need for large cash outlays.
To rapidly expand an existing fleet with intermodal drop frame chassis to pursue bulk liquid hauling opportunities.
Intermodal bulk liquid chassis for lease and lease-purchase for qualified customers.
Drop frame chassis for bulk liquid storage and transportation.
Friendly and available leasing and operations professionals.

An Intermodal Chassis Leasing Company

Penn Intermodal Leasing, LLC is a nationally recognized chassis leasing company, with a fleet of diverse drop frame tank chassis models available for lease. Our fleet has steadily grown over the last 30 years to improve chassis availability and maintain a younger average-age fleet in order to respond to the demands of our customers involved in bulk liquid transportation.

Our professional chassis leasing and operations personnel understand that in a global economy, receiving raw materials and shipping products to customers on time, legally, and safely, directly impacts profitability and company performance. Our team provides responsive personal service to assist with sourcing the optimal bulk liquid chassis model and axle configuration in accordance with customer specifications. Penn also has the industry experience and professional relationships to streamline equipment leasing.

Why Choose Penn Intermodal for Chassis Leasing?

Penn Intermodal Leasing, LLC’s fleet includes drop frames chassis, ISO tank chassis, and other equipment to meet the bulk liquid transportation needs of industrial manufacturers, chemical distributors, and logistics companies. Our clients consist of fleet operations managers for regional and nationwide trucking companies, logistics providers (3PLs, 4PLs, and 5PLs), manufacturers and distributors. 

Our clients have diverse priorities, but they all share the desire to minimize obstacles to getting their freight on the road. As a leading chasing leasing company, Penn Intermodal invests in chassis and equipment to meet the unique transportation requirements for moving intermodal bulk liquid freight.

Our Customers

Penn Intermodal provides personal professional service to a wide range of customers including logistics and chemical distribution companies, manufacturers of chemicals, food products, environmental service providers, and other bulk liquid and specialty freight haulers. At Penn, we get to know our customers, their priorities, and their transportation equipment requirements to foster long-term professional relationships. 

Penn chassis are available from conveniently located depots along major coastal areas, ports, and transportation hubs.

Case Study: Special Purpose Chassis Delivered!

A major chemical manufacturer contacted us about a potential order, still uncertain as to whether they would receive the delivery.  If the order was received they would need 6 special purpose chassis immediately.  Penn Intermodal Leasing staged the chassis at the depot before the final offer was configured.  When the order arrived, the lease was signed and customer delivery times were met.

Improve Productivity with Flexible Chassis Leases

When you need a drop frame chassis, contact Penn Intermodal Leasing and let us assist you with securing the right chassis for your freight. In addition, the average age of our fleet is one of the youngest in the business. Our chassis are carefully inspected prior to leasing in order to avoid downtime so your drivers are productive and your load is delivered on-time, every time.

Leasing Recent Model Year Chassis Means:
  •   Improved Safety
  •   Improved Productivity
  •   Driver Satisfaction
  •   Reduced Road Service Fees & Downtime
  •   More Revenue!

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