Using Hi-Lo Drop Frame Chassis for Bulk Liquid Transportation

Hi-Lo Drop Frame Chassis for Bulk Liquid TransportationIncreasing demand for liquid bulk transportation equipment and prior year chassis shortages necessitates greater efficiency in the movement of many types of liquid bulk products. According to the International Tank Container Organization (ITCO), the global tank container fleet stands at 736,935 units worldwide, as of January 2022. This was a 7.3 percent increase from the prior year. Increasing the availability of Hi-Lo drop frame chassis is helping the logistics industry alleviate some of the bottlenecks and stressors that have impacted the supply chain in recent years.

Penn Intermodal Leasing has over 35 years of industry and equipment expertise to assist you with procuring a Hi-Lo drop frame tank chassis lease to meet your specific requirements.

Optimize Logistics and Benefit from using Hi-Lo Drop Frame Chassis

The Hi-Lo drop frame chassis is an essential piece of equipment for the intermodal transportation industry. Its greatest advantage is improving driver efficiency. This chassis model is specifically designed to haul two (2) empty 20’ ISO tank containers, or one (1) loaded 20’ ISO tank container. Because this model enables drivers to optimize their return trips, it should be a part of every fleet with the need to back haul two empty ISO tank containers after delivering a full one.

As with all drop frame chassis, the Hi-Lo model also improves liquid bulk transport safety. Liquid payloads are more apt to shift during movement. A lower center of gravity and weight distribution provides much needed stability and minimizes the potential for rollover occurrences. Spread-axle Hi-Lo drop frame chassis are one of the most stable chassis for transporting bulk liquid tank containers.

Don’t compromise on your bulk liquid chassis leasing. Contact Penn Intermodal: a trusted chassis leasing company for efficient, stable bulk liquid transport with an industry-leading Hi-Lo drop frame chassis.

Hi-Lo Drop Frame Chassis Design

The Hi-Lo drop frame chassis is a popular chassis for transporting bulk liquids. This chassis has a spread axle configuration that distributes the freight’s weight evenly, and improves stability due to a wider wheel base and a lower center of gravity. Hi-Lo drop frame chassis are constructed to transport one full OR two empty 20’ ISO tank containers with a maximum Gross Vehicle Weight of 80,000 LBS. To handle the weight associated with bulk liquid transportation, the Hi-Lo chassis is engineered with High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) steel and ASTM A513 flanges with a yield strength of 130,000 PSI for optimal performance and safety. The chassis meets all D.O.T., AAR, FMVSS, ISO, SAE, and TTMA requirements to operate in the USA.

Other important specifications for common Hi-Lo drop frame tank chassis models are as follows:

  • Nominal length: 43’6”
  • Nominal width: 96”
  • Rear deck height: 44” (unladen)
  • Tare weight: 8,200 LBS (+/- 3%)
  • GVWR: 80,000 LBS
  • Tires: 255 70R x 22.5, 16 Ply, Load Range H, tubeless
  • Lift-kit available

For more information or a complete list of specifications, contact Penn Intermodal at 1-888-909-PENN.

Industrial Applications of Hi-Lo Drop Frame Chassis

The Hi-Lo chassis model is a valuable asset for the transportation of bulk liquids in ISO tank containers, or for 20’ containers fitted with Flexi-bags. Industries including: industrial products manufacturing, chemical distribution, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, food products, and fuels will benefit. Designed to haul two empty or one loaded ISO tank container, the Hi-Lo drop frame chassis can move both hazardous and non-hazardous bulk liquids safely and efficiently across our roadways.

Companies that transport agricultural and food products, or distribute industrial products and chemicals, as well as drivers in many other industries will benefit from using the Hi-Lo drop frame chassis. If you are looking to optimize your logistics with a Hi-Lo chassis for your bulk transportation needs, please call 1-888-909-PENN.

Hi-Lo vs. Other Chassis Models

The Hi-Lo drop frame chassis provides the logistics industry with an excellent option for specific transport situations~ the ability to haul two empty containers is a great asset for promoting efficiency. However, other chassis models including the spread axle drop frame, tri-axle drop frame, or closed tandem chassis also have their uses. As with all drop frame chassis, the longer wheelbase and lower center of gravity means they handle road surfaces better and lessen the impacts of shifting liquid cargo. Contact Penn Intermodal Leasing for the chassis model that will serve you best.

Contact Penn to Discuss Hi-Lo Drop Frame Chassis Lease Options

With over 35 years of chassis leasing experience, the team of industry experts at Penn Intermodal Leasing, LLC can provide you with trusted equipment leasing solutions for your bulk liquid transport needs. At Penn, we specialize in equipping our clients with the most efficient chassis for your specific applications. Our mission is to provide industry-leading service and quality equipment to get your drivers and product(s) on the road. Do not compromise efficiency and stability for your next bulk liquid haul, lease a Hi-Lo drop frame chassis, or another chassis model, from Penn Intermodal.

April Uhlenburg
April U

April has been working with Penn Intermodal’s Sales and Operations teams to educate clients on the benefits of leasing chassis for bulk liquid storage and transport since 2012.