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Drop Frame ISO Tank Chassis

Drop Frame ISO Tank Chassis

Lightweight Standard or Custom-Modified ISO Tank Chassis

This lightweight drop frame chassis provides safe, stable transport of bulk liquid tank containers. This ISO tank chassis is available in spread-axle, closed tandem, Hi/lo and tri-axle configuration. Hi/lo models allow for the carriage of 2 empty tank containers.

Drop frame chassis from Penn Intermodal haul ISO tanks and may be ordered standard or with modifications. Our modern, lightweight drop frame chassis are designed with a low center of gravity, which provides stability and minimizes the chance of containers or their contents rolling around during tight turns. Optional lift-kits are included on chassis used for hauling bulk liquid tank containers to elevate the rear of the tank during loading and un-loading in order to ease the emptying of the container.

Additionally, Penn Intermodal introduced a new lighter weight ISO tank chassis in June 2014 that is built with reinforced steel. These new chassis are equipped with enhanced safety features and offer added convenience for the user. These features include a full frame walkway with exits on the side and in the rear, and a rear step to ease loading and unloading. When you lease a lightweight tank container chassis from Penn Intermodal you’re getting a cutting edge chassis on the leading edge of safety.

Interested in Leasing a Drop Frame ISO Tank Chassis?

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Drop Frame Chassis - front angle view Drop Frame Chassis - left side view
Drop Frame Chassis - rear view Drop Frame Chassis - back angle view
Drop Frame Chassis - right side view