Triaxle Drop Frame with Extendable Slider “a.k.a. A Slider Triaxle”


Drop frame chassis, also called tank container chassis, or ISO tank chassis are the most common chassis model for the transportation and storage of bulk liquids. Use drop frame chassis in combination with tank containers to transport and store hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals, food grade products, liquid waste, and more. Triaxle drop frame chassis with extendable sliders offer several advantages over older model drop frame chassis. including, transporting heavier cargo, improved stability, and enhanced safety. Read on to learn about the benefits and features of the triaxle drop frame chassis extendable slider.

Features of Penn’s Triaxle Drop Frame with Extendable Slider

Penn Intermodal Leasing, LLC’s triaxle drop frame chassis with an extendable slider securely attaches containers to the chassis to minimize excessive movement during transportation. This particular chassis can transport the heaviest bulk liquid cargo allowed by permit by distributing the weight between the load bearing frame, an additional third axle, and four more tires.The 102” wide frame and lower center of gravity on the triaxle drop frame with extendable slider improves stability while transporting heavy loads. The added axle, tire surface area and lower center of gravity also benefits the chassis driver in adverse weather conditions.

Triaxle Drop Frame Chassis with Extendable Slider Specifications:

Nominal length is 41 feet, with the slider closed the chassis and can be stored at 31 feet for ease and convenience.

  • Tare Weight of 9710 +/- 3%
  • Axle Rating = 22,500 lbs
  • Frame Rating = 73,000 lbs
  • GVWR = 67,000 lbs
  • GCWR = 80,000 lbs

Safer Features on the New Triaxle Drop Frame with Extendable Slider

Staying current on the latest chassis features, including safety improvements, is a priority at Penn Intermodal Leasing, LLC. The extendable slider improves operator ergonomics by enabling operators to hook up hoses to the rear of the tank from a standing position. Operators and maintenance workers easily take samples from the readily accessible valve. Thus, no climbing onto the chassis, bending over, or crawling under the chassis are required. These slider and rear valve improves operator’s safety by reducing the risk of falls and injuries which may result from twisting or lifting, and reducing the potential for on the job injuries and lost time delays. As an added benefit, easier operation may also contribute to faster turnaround times during loading and unloading of bulk liquid cargo.

Additional safety features on Penn chassis include equipping them with OEM tires, which are never recapped and meeting requirements for high visibility tape and rear LED lights.

Promote Driver Retention with the Triaxle Drop frame with Extendable Slider

Drivers love the triaxle drop frame with extendable slider because it offers a smoother ride and newer model chassis designs have less down time. The triaxle slider chassis is easier to use, offers a more ergonomic design and contributes to faster turn-around times.. Additionally, newer equipment has fewer breakdowns, increasing driver productivity and income.

Check out the New Triaxle Drop Frame with Extendable Slider from Penn!

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April Uhlenburg
April U

April has been working with Penn Intermodal’s Sales and Operations teams to educate clients on the benefits of leasing chassis for bulk liquid storage and transport since 2012.