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Tag Archives: chemical industry

Summary of the ACC’s Chemical Industry Outlook for 2017

Posted on Wednesday April 5, 2017 by April U

The business of making chemicals is a $797 billion industry. It’s one of the U.S.A.’s most important manufacturing industries, since it contributes over 14.0% of all exports and 15.0% of the world’s chemicals. The American Chemistry Council (ACC) predicts the … Continue reading

Brexit Upsets Chemical Trade, Industry Leaders Express Shared Concerns

Posted on Thursday July 28, 2016 by April U

Britain’s exit from the European Union, otherwise known as “Brexit”, was controversial.  Leaders in manufacturing, particularly in chemical-related industries in the United Kingdom foresee new obstacles for trade and regulatory complexity between the United Kingdom, the European Union, and the … Continue reading

The U.S. Chemical Industry Predicts Continued Growth

Posted on Friday February 19, 2016 by April U

The chemical industry generates a staggering $5 trillion globally, $800 billion of which is from sales and production within the U.S. That’s 15% of global output and 25% of U.S. GDP. This is an important economic sector and one indicator … Continue reading

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