Podcasts Transportation Professionals Should Be Listening To

Transportation professionals want brief, timely and topical industry news, insightful information on trends, and discourse from thought leaders, whether they are behind the wheel or on the beach. Popular podcasts offer entertaining audible news and a much needed break from the computer screen.

Podcasts for the Transportation and Logistics Industry- Penn LeaseWe’ve analyzed a range of industry podcasts and assembled a list of the most popular and informative. Drivers and logistics/transportation professionals can tap into these podcasts right from their mobile devices in order to stay connected and informed.


Transportation News that is Accessible to Everyone

This informative podcast published by the leading transportation news source, Journal JOC Podcast- Logistics Podcast- Penn Leaseof Commerce (JOC.com) provides high-quality content around the latest transportation and infrastructure news. While often sponsored by outside sources, JOC.com’s podcasts speaks on a level which newcomers to the industry can easily understand and follow along. To listen to JOC Podcast, you can subscribe to their publication or register for a free account which gives you access to 5 free podcasts/articles every 30 days.

Let’s Truck
Let’s Truck with host Kevin Rutherford is a favorite within the transportation industry.Lets Truck- Transportation Industry Podcast With over 290 episodes and new content coming out multiple times a week, this podcast covers everything from trucking news, business commentary and advice, political happenings pertaining to the transportation industry, finance and more. Let’s Truck podcast is unique in that many of the episodes are just a few minutes in length, which makes it a great podcast to tune into during breaks or on the go. The Let’s Truck podcast is available for free on iTunes.

Podcasts for Logistics /Supply Chain Management

Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez
Talking Logistics features Adrian Gonzalez, a leading supply chain and logistics analyst,Talking Logistics- Logistics Podcast- Penn Lease having easy to follow conversations with industry thought leaders and newsmakers. This podcast brings together supply chain management and logistics executives from retail and manufacturing companies, academic professors, authors, and executives from 3PL and technology companies to engage and discuss the latest industry news, trends, and hot topics. Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez can be streamed for free directly from it’s website.

Inbound Logistics
A spin-off of the leading industry magazine also called Inbound Logistics; this podcastInbound Logistics - A Thomas Publishing Company features special guests every episode who are influential thought leaders within the logistics industry. Covering topics ranging from supply chain, cargo, freight, transportation, technology and education, Inbound Logistics offers a well-round glimpse into the logistics and supply chain management world. The Inbound Logistics podcast is available on Google Play, iTunes, Soundcloud or iHeartRadio.

Transportation Industry Trends

Road Signs
While Road Sign is new to the podcast scene, we’re excited for what’s in store! From Road Signs Podcasts- Transportation Podcastthe creators of Transport Topic LiveonWeb news stream, each episode of Road Signs promises to dive into the future of the transportation industry and the latest technology surrounding it. In the fast-moving transportation industry, the Road Signs podcast aims to help industry professionals stay up to date with the latest trends, answer critical questions and meet interesting thought leaders along the way. Road Signs is available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher or Soundcloud.

The Infrastructure Show
Northwestern University’s Professor Joseph Schofer host The Infrastructure Show, a The Infrastructure Show- Infrastructure Podcasts- Penn Leasemonthly podcast where industry experts meet to discuss the current condition of the US infrastructure and plans for the future. While covering all topics including engineering, repairs, management, financing, and planning, The Infrastructure Show aims to help inform the general public about the condition and challenges relating to America’s infrastructure. The Infrastructure Show is available on iTunes.

April Uhlenburg
April U

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