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The Impact of Hurricanes on the Logistics & Transportation Industry

Posted on Wednesday May 25, 2022 by April U

Labor Day through the new year is the busiest season for the transportation industry due to extra loads being shipped for the holiday season, fall harvest, and the rise of online direct-to-consumer sales.  It also happens to be hurricane season, … Continue reading

What Axle Configurations are Available for Drop Frame Chassis?

Posted on Thursday March 4, 2021 by April U

The axle configuration for your drop-frame chassis is an essential consideration for efficient transportation of your cargo.  Each type of axle configuration has different load limits and fuel efficiencies, and thus may be better suited to certain types of products. … Continue reading

The Changing Role of Women in Supply Chain Logistics

Posted on Wednesday April 3, 2019 by April U

Women have always pushed the boundaries of convention in the transportation industry. Thank you Amelia Earhart!  Last month we recognized these heroes and celebrated their achievements. Here are some excerpts on why this is important.    Recognizing Women in Supply … Continue reading

NACD Joins EPA Administrator for Signing of New RMP Proposed Rule

Posted on Thursday June 28, 2018 by April U

The National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD) has submitted public comments in support of the Risk Management Program (RMP) Reconsideration proposed rule, which was signed by US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator, Scott Pruitt, last month.The proposed rule is open … Continue reading

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