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Penn Intermodal Leasing Announces Winners of 2016 Scholarship Essay Contest

Posted on Wednesday September 7, 2016 by admin

PHILADELPHIA — September 7th, 2016 — Penn Intermodal Leasing is proud to congratulate the winners of our 2016 Scholarship Essay Contest. A total of $1,750 in prize money was awarded in order to raise awareness among college age students of current transportation industry issues and the importance of a stable and efficient freight transportation system.

Please join Penn Intermodal in congratulating our essay contest winners:

  • 1st place – Lindsey Greenwood of Sanger, CA. She will be attending Arizona State University.
  • 2nd place – Christopher Zermeno. He will be attending Chandler-Gilbert Community College
  • 3rd place – Theresa Buker. She will be attending Anne Arundel Community College.
  • Honorable Mention – Madiha Charania. She will be attending Georgia State University.

These individuals were selected from the 17 students who entered our scholarship essay contest and provided proof of registration for the Fall 2016 semester. The winning essay “Intermodal Transportation: Bringing Economies Together” demonstrated an understanding of the economic importance of the intermodal freight transportation industry for both job creation and in keeping the cost of goods down for the consumer.

Contestants chose to address one of the following topics:

  • It’s an election year. Discuss the importance of investing in our nation’s transportation infrastructure as it pertains to safe and efficient commerce. Include your infrastructure priorities, and how best to fund these priorities.
  • You are the safety manager for a bulk chemical motor carrier. Explain the value and necessity of quality equipment when transporting hazardous chemicals on our nation’s highways. What are some of your other priorities? Why? How would you address them?
  • The concept of intermodal transport of freight has evolved rapidly over the last 25 – 50 years. Explain some of the impacts of intermodal freight transport on commerce in the United States. How does it benefit consumers?
  • There is the potential for a severe national driver shortage in the coming years. How would you attempt to encourage young people to consider a career as a professional truck driver?

Congratulations to our winners! We wish all of our contestants a successful school year.

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