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Overweight Freight Transportation Violation Penalties on the Rise

Posted on Friday December 13, 2013 by April U

Texas Overweight Freight Transportation Violation Penalties may be up to 400% Higher following the Passage of House Bill 2741

The 83rd session of the Texas State Legislature passed House Bill 2741 in September 2013 allowing for much higher fines and penalties for weight violations from both motor carriers and shippers under the new law.  Penalties will be assessed depending on the size of the weight violation and the number of times the offender has been convicted of similar infractions.

The DMV favored the increased penalties in order to encourage compliance and prevent damage to Texas roads.  The new law will be enforced by the Texas Department of Public Safety, but violations may trigger and administrative audit of a motor carrier or shipper by the TxDMV’s Enforcement Division and may result in civil penalties and other sanctions.

Recommended action – Per Transportation Code 623.274, Shippers are required to provide a Certificate of Weight prior to your seeking and overweight permit.  Motor carriers should keep a copy of the Certificate of Weight in their cab when transporting overweight loads.

Additional information on Texas oversized and overweight transport requirements is available at

Penn Intermodal Leasing may also assist you in determining and acquiring the proper chassis for transporting overweight loads legally and safely.  Contact 1-888-909-PENN to speak with a knowledgeable chassis associate on your specific freight and transportation route requirements.

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